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Expert Advice: Finding Space for a Freestanding Tub

Q: I would love to replace my traditional tub with a freestanding soaker tub but I’m not sure if I have the space. How much room do I need to be able to install a freestanding tub? – Elizabeth P. Hello Elizabeth, The good news is that freestanding tubs come in a variety of sizes […]

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Expert Advice: Using Wood in a Bathroom

Q: Can I use wood in a bathroom? I’ve seen some gorgeous pictures of bathrooms with beautiful wood feature walls but is that even practical with the amount of moisture in the bathroom? – Taylor B. Hello Taylor, You are correct, wood and water can be a precarious combination and the use of wood elements […]

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Creative Ideas for Twin Baby Showers

Ombre Cupcakes ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 8 What a sweet swirl of a cupcake! Combine two colors in varying tones to celebrate doubles! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('93bf0a06b76dccf676eb6f4f82ffa1db', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Fantastic Unisex Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Block Cake ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 Baby blocks are a great theme for a gender neutral shower and this DIY version is fantastic! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('2a44f1892f68afa2751373644e181c18', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Things to Consider Before Installing a Central Vacuum

  Generally speaking, a central vacuum system, also known as a built-in duct system, is more convenient, more powerful, and much more quiet than you run-of-the-mill upright models. So if you have pets, or simply a lot of messy humans, installing a central vacuum system is something you should at least consider. If you find […]

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9 Gorgeous DIY Gift Ideas to Make for Mom

Custom DIY Sharpie Mug ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 9 For something super simple that your mom will actually use, this custom decorated mug is perfect. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('ee0a9b94c93815ccc041ee584f86e24b', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

8 DIY Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make for Mom

Looking for a fun, affordable gift idea that your kids can make for mom? Here are some of our favorite ideas!

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Clever Decor Ideas for an Empty Corner

When I was grounded as a child, I was sometimes told to go stand facing a corner, the intention being that I would have nothing else to do, in that bleak, unadorned, concave of wall, but reflect on whatever misbehavior I’d been up to. In more recent years, I’m past the age of grounding (I […]

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Storage Bins and Baskets You Can Make at Home

Much like friends, hugs, and socks, storage is one of those things you simply can’t have too much of.  An organized home is a happy home, after all. Here a few storage ideas you can DIY.   Upcycled Denim  Does your hubby have a pair of jeans that you just hate? Well, we’ve got a solution […]

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Tips for Choosing the Best Bathtub for Your Needs

  Deciding on a bathtub is not a task that should be taken lightly. Much like if you were remodeling your flooring or replacing your vanity, you want to ensure you’ve made choices suitable for the long haul, so you don’t have to go through the stress of another remodel anytime soon. Here are some factors […]

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How to Dye Your Easter Eggs Naturally

Food coloring is great and all, but it’s far from your only option when it comes to decorating eggs this Easter. This year, with your kids, consider testing out a few of these dyes made from all natural sources.   Using beets Pink is a popular color for Easter and it can be recreated with […]

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Easter Egg Decorating Tips for Families

There are endless ways in which to decorate Easter eggs, both aesthetically and approach-wise. Here are some tips for ensuring an efficient, mess-less and fun egg decorating experience this Easter.   Make your dye using kitchen finds Why not skip the artificial dyes this year and DIY half a dozen colorful concoctions of your own, […]

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Easy Easter Nail Ideas

Easter signifies the onset of spring, and after a long, cold winter, spring is nothing short of eagerly anticipated. Welcome in spring with these five Easter nail ideas.   Chocolate bunnies Details and instructions.   Robin egg speckles Details and instructions.   Painted egg nails Details and instructions.   Springy blue and pink Details and […]

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DIY Easter Crafts to Make With Your Kids

Easter is about more than sweet treats and chocolate bearing bunnies, and if you’re hoping to teach your kids the true meaning behind the holiday, coupling a lesson with a craft is a good way to keep them engaged and interested.   Sock bunnies Details and instructions.   Easter mason jars Details and instructions.   […]

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink 

There are very few features in the home that are used as often, and in such a versatile manner, as the kitchen sink. Here are a few tips for picking the one that will work the best for you.   Single or Double Even if you don’t cook a lot, you still may want to […]

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Creative Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

Dealing with a small dining room? Try one or more of these ideas to make the best use of your available space!     Light Tactically   Shine a spotlight on the MVP of your dining room: the table. Just ensure that the fixture you chose is one that’s scale to the table and doesn’t overwhelm […]

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5 Storage Ideas for Your Bedroom Door

Whether your home is big or small, every square inch counts. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up five creative ways to utilize the commonly under-utilized space behind the bedroom door.   This over-the-door shoe organizer, available in a 24 pair or a 36 pair version, is a strong but simple hanging rack; perfect for the […]

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DIY Wainscoting Ideas We Love

Board and Batten ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7 Board and Batten wainscoting is a bit of a step up from the classic wainscoting. It gives it a bit of pop but still maintains a clean, simply style. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('d04054df9a41903cc72fae6c53c42107', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Creative DIY Ideas for Your Kitchen Backsplash

CD Mosaic ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 6 If you are wanting a frugal but yet stylish, modern back splash, use cd's and rock your kitchen. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('43156c06f8ad09f5c2a32ea0d38f4917', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

Kitchen Design Inspiration from Evelyn Eshun

Evelyn Eshun shares two kitchen looks inspired by soapstone from Greensville Soapstone! Look #1: For this look, I choose a very dark, nearly black soapstone which provides a beautiful contrast with white cabinets. This sets that perfect backdrop for my new obsession, brass hardware. I love brass hardware, it just gives you that luxurious touch. […]

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Janette’s 5 Top Kitchen Trends

We visited designer Janette Ewen at a recent design show to tour a booth she designed for Samsung and while we were there, she shared her 5 top kitchen trends for this year!     Black stainless is the new look for appliances. What’s great about black stainless is it’s neutral so you can go very, […]

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DIY Bed Trays You Can Make at Home

DIY Simple Bed Tray ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 8 What's better then a simple bed tray? Looks good too! Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('2f8eb47c991c02a4c6d810b4800336a7', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

DIY Bathroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Accesorize it ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 10 It really doesn't have to cost very much to do little things like accessorize your bathroom. The thrift store, dollar store and many stores like those have cute deals that can give your bathroom a different look. Source jQuery(function($) { new NggPaginatedGallery('b3d9b85370e4f2519767f3b025961215', '.ngg-imagebrowser'); }); Read More

7 DIY Ideas for Kid’s Rooms

Dress up you little’s room with one of these easy DIY decor ideas!

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5 Fantastic Innovations for Your Kitchen

The Orange Chef Prep Pad In keeping with your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, this smart food scale informs you of the nutritional breakdown of what you’re preparing and allows you log and track your meals. All you’ll need, besides the product, is an iOS 7 compatible device and an internet connection. Buy it […]

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